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11 Mar 2017 -
You will be rewarded for leveling up your Character!! More...
You will be rewarded for leveling up your Character!! More info in the news section of the website!
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IP: |  Version: 10.96
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Welcome to NetherOT, a non pay to win Real Map server for everyone to enjoy. with missions, exp share, alot of Quests, custom content, cast system, pvp events and loads more!. Updates being done daily!. Community feedback is highly needed and is the essential building block for this project! Have a great time on our Server!!
Netherot Server Statistics
Last joined us: Kleptoman, player number 66. Welcome and enjoy your stay!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Turreke (500). Congratulations!
Free Houses: 1776
Rented Houses: 0
Accounts in database: 21
Players in database: 25
Banned accounts: 1
Guilds in database: 1

Most powerfull guilds

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5 Oct 2018 -
We have opened up a forum where future communication will be held through. important information will be referred to in the latest news section.

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11 Mar 2017 -
Exp for Leveling your character
You get rewarded for leveling up your character on GenuineOT!

Level 20: 3 Crystal Coins.
Level 50: 5 Crystal Coins.
Level 80: 5 Crystal Coins.
Level 100: 10 Crystal Coins.

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25 Feb 2017 -
Bug Fixes
Today serveral map and bug fixes have been implemented during the server save, please continue to report bugs you come across.
You can report bugs in game by right clicking and then pressing report coordinate (a box will appear where you can give more detail).
Also there is a section on the forums where the community can report bugs and errors.

Have Fun!

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